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T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer briefly describes the application and composition of LED purification lamp


&The first thing you can think of is practicality. This is particularly important in the market situation. First of all, as a lighting use, the lamp must be able to meet the needs of consumers for lighting. Therefore, the brightness, color temperature, etc. of the lamp should be designed according to the detailed use of the lamp, with certain functions, home or other lighting requirements.

&LED emergency purification lamp is composed of LED purification lamp and emergency power supply


&Application of LED emergency purification lamp: LED emergency purification lamp, first of all, it is a kind of LED purification lamp applied in clean room, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, dustproof, anti-oxidation, easy to clean, non stick to dust, no rust, long service life, etc. in addition, with the combination of emergency power supply, in the case of power failure, the emergency power supply can provide emergency lighting power for LED purification lamp, and provide emergency lighting power for the area where the LED purification lamp is located Lighting.


&Selection of LED emergency purification lamp: the emergency power supply equipped with LED emergency purification lamp is expensive due to the particularity of the internal structure of the emergency power supply product. In terms of product function, in addition to the difference in the power of LED purification lamp, there are also differences in the emergency time, and the longer the emergency time is, the higher the price of emergency power supply. At present, the conventional emergency power supply is divided into 30 minutes on the market, 60 minutes, 90 minutes three kinds of emergency time, and in the emergency power is divided into half power and full power.

&Nbsp; & nbsp; professional custom LED fluorescent lamp is a kind of convenience. A lamp can be designed in a red tape way, but after that, it has become a disadvantage of its extravagance. Because it's not easy to clean up, and it will be cumbersome to watch for a long time. Therefore, for home lighting products, they are generally simple, and strive to be plain, mainly white, so that the lights and white walls are coordinated, and the products generally express beauty through lines. However, it is the demand of the market and the demand of the family.


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