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What fuse should T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer choose in protective LED circuit


&About t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer, it is full of environmental protection, energy saving and healthy lighting design, which is suitable for the development of modern society. Its brilliant color can bring very good light effect for buildings. In the application of home furnishings, the advantage of LED fluorescent lamp lies in its color, which is rich in color, and it will bring a very romantic feeling when it is used to adjust the atmosphere. I believe that with the development of the industry, the future LED lighting will not only be more and more "bright", but also more and more "beautiful".

&Because the fuse is disposable, slow reaction, poor effect and troublesome to use, it is not suitable for LED purification lamp, because it is mainly used in dust-free workshop, clean workshop and operating room. It requires the LED protection circuit to be very strict: when the current exceeds the normal use current, the protection can be started immediately, so that the power supply path of the LED is disconnected, so that both the LED and the power supply can be protected, and the power supply can be restored automatically after the whole lamp is normal, without affecting the operation of the LED. The circuit should not be too complex, the volume should not be too large, and the cost should be low.


&The PCB board affects the cost of LED purification lamp: the main function of PCB board in LED purification lamp is power on and heat dissipation. The commonly used PCB board includes aluminum base plate and glass solder plate lamp. The price of PCB with different materials is very different. In fact, it's the same aluminum substrate, the same glass brazing plate, and the price is not the same. Different materials will have different heat conduction effects, and the use of cardboard will cause LED heat not to be transmitted out, thus affecting the service life of LED lamp beads.

&All the manufacturers of t5t8 fluorescent lamps are aware that modern scientific skills are used in the design and manufacture of modern lamps and lanterns, connecting the classical modeling with the sense of the times, which shows the effect of modern lighting skills. European style decoration style ordinary selection of crystal series LED lamps, highlighting its luxury. The characteristics of composite led daily switch lamps are: in order to guarantee the lighting premise and visual comfort, most lamps are equipped with various series of complete sets of accessories, so that users can adjust according to their needs. It is not only exaggeration, but also coordination of exaggeration and setting.



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