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Why does direct sale of fluorescent lamp choose self-restoring fuse


&Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp products, the development pattern of t5t8 fluorescent lamp lighting industry will remain stable in a certain period of time in the future, which is the inevitable trend of the development of the whole lamp industry. When an industry develops to a certain stage, shuffling is a promotion. This is also true for an enterprise. When it reaches a certain scale, it will encounter various bottlenecks.

&Why does the manufacturer of t5t8 fluorescent lamp choose self recovery fuse, also known as polymer positive temperature thermistor PTC, which is composed of polymer and conductive particles. After special processing, conductive particles form a chain like conductive path in the polymer. When the normal working current passes (or the element is at the normal ambient temperature), the PTC self recovery fuse is in a low resistance state; when there is an abnormal overcurrent passing (or the ambient temperature rises) in the circuit, the heat generated by the high current (or the ambient temperature rises) causes the polymer to expand rapidly, which cuts off the conductive path formed by conductive particles, and the PTC self recovery fuse is in a high resistance state State;


&When the over-current (over temperature state) in the t5t8 fluorescent lamp circuit disappears, the polymer cooled LED driving power supply recovers to normal volume, in which the conductive particles form the conductive path again, and the PTC self recovery fuse assumes the initial low resistance state. In the normal working state, the heat of the self recovery fuse is very small, and in the abnormal working state, its high heat resistance is very large, which limits the current passing through it, thus playing a protective role.

&According to the analysis of direct sales of fluorescent lamps, domestic led enterprises have achieved rapid development through the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade and ten cities ten thousand led enterprises under the encouragement and support of the government. Next, as a new energy-saving light source, LED lighting will quickly be recognized by consumers and enter the homes of ordinary people. The bottleneck to be broken is product category, specification, price, brand, marketing mode, channel construction, etc.


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