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Fluorescent lamp direct sale if take adornment sex seriously, that can choose the lamp of vivid dot to act the role of


&The manufacturers of t5t8 fluorescent lamp pay more attention to the practicability of the lamp, and there are many kinds of selective lamps for you to choose. However, it is recommended to select dark rimmed ceiling lamps or floor lamps, such as black and dark red ones. If you pay attention to decoration, you can select dynamic lighting. The arrangement of the house lights must take into account the personality of the house furniture, the glory of the wall and the color of the household appliances. Otherwise, the lights and the whole color of the house are not the same, which will add to the cake.

&The transient voltage suppressor diode (TVS) is a kind of high efficiency protection device in the form of diode. When its two poles are impacted by the reverse transient high energy, it can reduce the high resistance between its two poles to the low resistance at the speed of 10 times minus 12 square seconds for a very short time, absorb the surge power of several kilowatts, and put the voltage clamp between the two poles at a predetermined voltage value, effectively protecting the precision components in the electronic circuit.


&The transient voltage suppressor diode has the advantages of fast response time, high transient power, low leakage current, good consistency of breakdown voltage deviation, easy control of clamp voltage, no damage limit and small size. However, it is not easy to find TVs devices that meet the required voltage in practical use The damage of LED light bead is mainly caused by the excessive current which makes the chip overheat. TVs can only detect overvoltage, not overcurrent. It is difficult to master the proper voltage protection point, and this kind of device can not be produced and used in practice.

&Whether the LED clean light is safe or not, the quality and heat dissipation of the light body are very important. At present, the heat dissipation of the high brightness LED light in the shopping mall; t5t8 fluorescent light manufacturers generally choose natural heat dissipation, which has no ideal effect. If we do not aspire to heat dissipation, the life of lamps will also be affected. &Chinese style personalized led clean lamps and lanterns decoration function diagram, lamps and lanterns are easy to ignore in many people's decoration, a beautiful lamp can make the living room more colorful.


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