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The whole store copy · easy operation · good soul operation · worry free business

One-stop supply - open source and reduce expenditure

Adequate supply of goods, manufacturers supply direct, wipe out the intermediate link, cost dropped significantly, more optimistic revenue generation

Price friendly - do things with wide net

The product style is diverse, the price public, cost-effective than other brands in the same industry, the market response is good

Free regulation - reducing inventory risk

Free exchange of goods, no inventory risk, if there is a large project directly shipped by the headquarters, do not hoard goods

Expand sales - attract large Numbers of customers

Headquarters to help franchisees expand marketing channels, open the market, to assist a wide range of attract customers drainage

Coach store opening - one to one church

Lower the threshold of cooperation, inexperienced, headquarters for franchisees to conduct one-on-one training, guidance set up shop

Output of whole store - arranged by head office

From the early understanding to late sales, the headquarters in the end, to help franchisees quickly open easy revenue



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