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Duyun maojian hotel, guiyang

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Duyun maojian boutique resort is located in the tea expo garden on dukai avenue, near qiannan avenue. Surrounded by mountains and forests, the hotel enjoys the fragrance of green tea in the tea expo garden. "maojian town", a 5A scenic spot, takes you back to the utopia in your heart. The hotel is about 2 minutes' drive from qinhan world studios. It is very convenient for those who want to visit it. If you are lucky, you can also meet the stars who are shooting. Tea expo park hotel is about 20 minutes away from duyun east station by car. For tourists, you can enjoy high-end services here.

The hotel covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, with more than 300 rooms of various types, modern decoration style, open-air swimming pool for you to create a fresh and comfortable, pleasant and friendly atmosphere, maojian boutique holiday hotel has more surprises waiting for you oh.

Hotel for the whole high-speed Internet access, modern guest rooms neat and clean and agile, provide standardized, clean, warm and comfortable, the room facilities are complete, like the friend with a hotel gym fitness, you can be in inside kubla khah dripping wet, tea expo garden in the air was fresh, when running in the morning I can smell the tea fragrance, let your lungs is completely "clean", if it makes you drunk "oxygen", the hotel is also very honored to oh! Friends who like Chinese culture "quintessence" -- mahjong don't worry, the hotel is also equipped with yo, you can also try to play guizhou mahjong, may let you fall in love with it ~ the hotel has more surprises, just waiting for you to explore!


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