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Shennongjia and mountain hotel

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  • Release date:2019-09-18
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Shennongjia heshan hotel is located in xiagu village village with beautiful scenery and elegant environment. It is located at the source of shennongxi in the south of shennongjia mountain range. It is the southwest gateway of shennongjia, with "central roof" shennongding in the east, three gorges reservoir area in the south, chongqing wushan in the west, and dajiu lake wetland park in the north.

With elegant decoration, unique style and complete facilities, the hotel has 7 deluxe rooms, 1 multi-function banquet hall and 1 cafeteria, which can receive more than 700 people at the same time. Cafeteria elegant and quiet, can receive more than 100 people dining. Multifunctional banquet hall is simple and elegant, unique style, can receive more than 540 people at the same time dining, is to hold weddings, high-end banquets, all kinds of annual meetings and other good place.

The hotel has 3 conference rooms, which can accommodate more than 300 people. Large conference room: can hold more than 250 people for meetings. Medium-sized conference room: can hold 15-30 people, can hold video, telephone, multimedia and other meetings. In addition, the hotel has more than 100 parking Spaces to bring convenience to friends who drive



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