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How to choose the size of the living room lamp?


For the led fluorescent lamp of the sitting room is decorated is the core of the family is decorated, so the stand or fall of decoration, as a whole will have a big impact, the effect of the sitting room for lamp with buying, must notice to the appropriate size, such ability can be more beautiful, for the living room lamp size how to choose a lot of people are want to know, in addition to sitting room lamp method is also should master the choose and buy.

How to choose the size of the living room lamp?

1, average cent value 0.618 be acknowledged as the proportional number that has aesthetic sense, the choice when decorating crystal lamp also is to want to consider ideal to divide. Too big doesn't work. Too small doesn't work. Generally speaking, the sitting room of 10-25 smooth rice, we choose the crystal lamp that is in 1 meter or so to have aesthetic feeling very much, because of the modern crystal lamp of this dimension its ideal is broken up point is approximate at 0.618. 30 square meters above or choose 1.5 meters and above.


2. The illumination required for the living room is generally 150-300lux, and that for the living room is 150-300lux; The illuminance of average study is 100Lux, but illuminance is 600Lux when reading, for masses the illuminance requirement of 10-25 smooth rice sitting room our general crystal lamp dimension is in 1 meter reach below can achieve namely, of 30 smooth rice above is about to choose to be in 1 meter above. The illuminant chooses incandescent lamp commonly 40w this is general purpose illuminant. The friend that individual requirement saves chooses energy-saving lamp is ok also.

3, sum up to say, the area of led fluorescent lamp is in the sitting room of 10-15 square meters, suggest choose and buy diameter of 60cm size, because the space is too small, but choose the lamps and lanterns with too big size, can make the space appears uncoordinated, and too big lamps and lanterns can let a person have a kind of oppressive feeling. The area is in 15-20 square metre the sitting room of left and right sides, can consider to use the lamps and lanterns with diameter of 70cm. The living room size is 20-30 square meters or so, it is recommended to choose and buy lamps and lanterns with a diameter of 80cm.


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