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Droplight, wall lamp, shoot the lamp ~ what lamps and lanterns should different function area choose?


When decorating, lamps and lanterns serves as illume tool, nature is indispensable decorate building materials. However the kind of lamps and lanterns is very much, droplight, downlight, shoot lamp, wall lamp, absorb dome lamp to wait a moment, full of beautiful things in eyes of all sorts of lamps and lanterns, action also has each different, when consumer people is in choose and buy, come out to want to notice the quality of lamps and lanterns, exterior style, observe different lamps and lanterns to suit what kind of circumstance even. So, how does sitting room bedroom lamps and lanterns choose? Now let's take a look at the living room bedroom lighting selection!

1. Bathroom

The lamps and lanterns between wei yu, see lamplight brightness above all. Suit to use incandescent lamp more between wei yu, and do not suit energy-saving lamp. This is because, the lamps and lanterns between wei yu USES general time short, switch frequent. But the incandescent lamp starts quickly, opens the time shorter, the energy consumption is limited. But energy-saving lamp falls in the circumstance with lower room temperature in winter, the lamp opens time is short, brightness has not reached completely turn off again, energy-saving advantage is reflected do not come out. In addition, the color temperature of incandescent lamp slant yellow, can give a person warm feeling, suit wei yu especially the demand that winter wei yu keeps warm.


Next, lamps and lanterns between wei yu suits to absorb dome light or wall lamp more on exterior modelling. Ceiling light clingy ceiling, do not take up space, easy to use; Wall lamp also applies more between wei yu. The luminaire between wall wei yu needs to notice the moistureproof, waterproof function of luminaire. The modelling of wall lamp, avoided vapor to hurt lamps and lanterns commonly.

2, the sitting room

The sitting room is family party, recreational loosen, and the important place that receives a visitor, below average circumstance, the lamps and lanterns of the sitting room pays attention to exterior modelling more! Can choose according to dimensional size and style. The choice with little space advocate lamp can, the space is big can take a variety of lamps and lanterns to build atmosphere jointly. What need to notice is, the sitting room is the place that receives a visitor, because this light must be sufficient. Common lamps and lanterns collocation design has droplight to add down lamp or lamp belt.

3, bedroom

Decorate go up exquisite bright hall darkroom all the time, the bedroom is the place that sleeps to rest, people asks the bedroom is dim, because this is downy the lamplight that turns a bedroom is decorated key point, such ability assures master mood is loosened. The illuminance of lamps and lanterns of the bedroom is fundamental key with sweet and warm yellow. At the same time, head of a bed upper part can embed cylinder lamp to act the role of or wall lamp, also can be in adornment ark embed cylinder lamp to act the role of, make indoor more romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

4, restaurant

Dining-room is the important place that eats, when everybody is choosing dining-room lamps and lanterns, the choice can promote appetite warm tonal lamps and lanterns. And the exterior modelling of lamps and lanterns can choose according to the shape of mensal. If quadrate table upper part suits to install the droplight with appropriate height, and appropriate deserves to go up chimney. If dining-room table is circular, besides can install long line droplight in right upper part outside, still can install the lamp that a circle conceals to try on the ceiling to shine below the lamp to serve as auxiliary illuminant. If the atmosphere when dining is more exquisite, the wall lamp that can choose brightness to be able to adjust freely serves as dining-room lamps and lanterns.

5, the kitchen

The lamps and lanterns of the kitchen, people notices to use functional sex more actually, requirement can illume, do not occupy a space! So kitchen lamps and lanterns as far as possible do not dress it too flowery, still choose the ambry that itself brings lamps and lanterns. Consider from energy-saving, do not find a place for too many lamps and lanterns. Do not use absorb dome lamp commonly, because it does not collect light, have astigmatism only, unfavorable so install in the kitchen. Illuminant chooses slant warm light as far as possible, such light is very beautiful.

6, study

If there is a study in the home, so, match a lamps and lanterns is also indispensable for the study choice, besides the study needs the headlamp of a illume, desk lamp also is indispensable! The study is the important place that works and study, accordingly, must assure to have enough reasonable reading illume on choice of lamps and lanterns. To often the person that bend a case to write, have desk lamp to serve as desk lamp of partial illume in the desk, show profession to have dimensional beauty already so. Proposal does not use direct illume, additional, proposal can find a place for indirect illuminant to make illume all round the ceiling. Indirect lighting can avoid direct light caused by visual glare damage zhengzhou rail socket.


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