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Teach you how to choose the right LED lights for the restaurant


Want to know dining-room appropriate to use the LED lamp of low color temperature above all, diffuse light, not dazzling, contain natural light feeling, more kind and downy. The color temperature of fluorescent lamp is tall, the face of the person below illumination looks can appear pale, hair is green, the color of meal also changed. Of course illume also can use mixed illuminant, combine lamp of low color temperature and lamp of high color temperature namely rise to use, mixed illume effect is very close to daylight, and illuminant gives not drab, can choose.

Want to know the lamplight of dining-room next more than local, still can use relevant auxiliary lamplight, in order to have the effect that foil repast environment. The means that USES auxiliary lamplight has a lot of, say to be in dining-room furniture for instance (vitreous ark is waited) inside setting illume; The local lighting of artwork, adornment is waited a moment. Auxiliary lamplight is not for illume, it is to use light and shadow effect to foil environment however, so illuminance wants the lamplight on table than eat low, below the premise that highlights main illuminant, the arrangement of light and shadow must accomplish have order, not disorder.


Finally, we should know that people's choice of restaurant lamps and lanterns is easy to fall into the mistake of emphasizing only the form of lamps and lanterns. The illume way of dining-room is local illume, to that lamp on eat table, shine in mesa area, general appropriate chooses the lamps and lanterns of cover type below, multi-head model, combination; The integral adornment style of lamps and lanterns configuration and dining-room should be consistent; To achieve the restaurant atmosphere needs soft, bright, natural illumination requirements; Unfavorable normally use the lamps and lanterns that shine upward, because this and the vision when repast do not agree.


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