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Introduce the advantages of T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers choosing LED yellow light over white light:


T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer's energy-saving environmental protection purification lamp

Led yellow light spotlights are also suitable for high requirements, high accuracy purification workshop and high-grade office. Purification hypotenuse lamps and lanterns is commonly stainless steel frame, mirror full bladder, transparent organic glass purification lamp type suction a top, illuminance is strong, reflective effect is good, no corrosion in stainless steel frame time, beautiful shape, can change the human ecological environment, fluorescent lamp direct let people at home can enjoy a natural forest of fresh air.

1. The service life of LED yellow light lamp and high-power LED street lamp is over 50,000 hours;

2. Energy saving, more than 80% electricity saving than high-pressure sodium lamp;

3. The LED yellow light is green and environmentally friendly, and the high-power LED street lamp does not contain lead, mercury and other polluting elements, so there is no pollution to the environment;



4. Safety, impact resistance, strong earthquake resistance, led light in the visible light range, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, no problem of broken traditional tube, no harm to human body, no radiation;

5. The LED yellow light has no high voltage and does not absorb dust, eliminating the brightness reduction caused by the blackening of lampshade caused by the dust absorption at high voltage of ordinary street lamps;

6. Without high temperature, the lamp shade will not age and turn yellow, eliminating the brightness reduction and shortening of life caused by the aging and turning yellow caused by the high temperature baking lamp shade of ordinary street lamps;

Along with the social economy fast development, the pupils myopia is more and more serious, most of the time, and we choose the light source also has a lot to do, it's certainly not directly, as you all know, the nature of ordinary white light is slant cold light, blue green color in the spectrum is bigger, have very strong stimulation to the eyes, time for a long time easy to cause eye fatigue; Direct fluorescent lamp LED yellow light is heat source, the spectral distribution uniformity, light yellow degrees will not be too dazzling, the light is downy, brightness can be adjusted with length of time, time is long will not cause visual fatigue, used for reading, and LED yellow light very save electricity, environmental protection, safety, is the choice of the students, so here suggest parents choose LED yellow light can reduce the myopia painful for the children.


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