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The life of fluorescent lamp of manufacturer of T5T8 fluorescent lamp depends on our life habit partly


The backlight source of T8LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers focuses on the backlight source with high efficiency side lighting. T8LED fluorescent lamp is used as LCD backlight source, which has the characteristics of long service life, high luminous efficiency, no interference and high cost performance. It has been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BPS, electronic calculators and card swiping machines. With the miniaturization of portable electronic products, LED backlight source is more and more Therefore, the fabrication technology of backlight will be developed to be thinner, lower power consumption and uniform.

shunt protection. Generally, LED lights are divided into many series connected branches. We can add a PTC element in front of each branch for protection. The advantages of this method are high performance and good protection reliability.

general protection. Add a PTC element in front of all light beads to protect the whole lamp. The advantage of this method is simple and does not occupy volume. For civil products, the results of this protection in actual use are satisfactory.


The early products of T8LED fluorescent light source have low luminous efficiency and light intensity can only reach several to dozens of MCDS. They are suitable for indoor applications, such as home appliances, instruments, communication equipment, microcomputers and toys. At present, the direct target is to replace incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp with T8LED fluorescent lamp, which has developed from local application field.      

Nbsp; & nbsp; professional custom LED fluorescent lamp customers should choose the one with good quality when purchasing ballasts. During installation, they should not directly install the ballasts on combustible materials, and pay attention to keep a certain distance from the combustible materials. In daily life, they should pay attention to moisture-proof, ventilation, and do not switch on and off the fluorescent lamp frequently.

Through reading, we have known that although the service life of fluorescent lamp is very long, it will cause unnecessary danger if we don't pay attention to it in use. In addition to understanding some installation requirements of fluorescent lamp, professional customized LED fluorescent lamp should also avoid improper operation when it is used at ordinary times, do not close to wet places, do not switch at will, etc.



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