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T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers to discuss with you LED purification lamp and LED dust lamp in what technology is different


The LED purification lamp is developed according to the new technology. The LED purification lamp works stably and has a long service life. Eight super bright LED light-emitting diodes rotate and light up, which can be seen clearly from multiple angles. The fixed led purification lamp newly developed by the t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer has the function of water prevention. How can the newly developed fixed led purification lamp be waterproof? As follows:

Nbsp; & nbsp; 1: the base plate of LED purification lamp is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate or cold-rolled plate with plastic spraying, and the surface is treated with anti-static plastic spraying electric treatment, which is coordinated with the general clean workshop.

2: the stainless steel of LED purification lamps adopts high-quality mirror stainless steel plate, which is corrosion-resistant, tough, beautiful, rust free and has long service life.

3: the aluminum alloy of LED purification lamps adopts high-quality antirust aluminum, which has good corrosion resistance, high durability, light weight, beautiful appearance and long service life. Power supply with DC and bottom voltage, no stroboscopic and electromagnetic interference, no red (UV) radiation, no steam and other pollutants in fluorescent lamp, meeting the production standard.


4. The structure of LED purification lamp is reasonable. According to the design of LED performance, it has good heat dissipation effect and beautiful appearance. Explosion proof, shock vibration resistant, heat and humidity resistant, good sealing performance, maintenance free and other features.

5. The shell of LED purification lamp is made of high blocking aluminum alloy by die casting, and the glass lens is made of special toughened glass, which is resistant to impact, high strength, strong sealing and water-proof

he negative ion in the LED dust-proof lamp is a kind of charged particle, which is good for human health. It can make the air fresher, sterilize, remove dust and release virus infection. Therefore, the negative ion air purification lamp has the same effect. The t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer is more suitable for some public places with bad air and lighting effect The result is quite good, energy saving and electricity saving, which can meet many needs of production and life.

Kill all kinds of harmful bacteria mixed in the air to prevent infection and invasion of human body.

Remove all kinds of toxic chemicals in the air to ensure the safety of human body.

Remove all kinds of peculiar smell in life and purify the air.

It can quickly eliminate the smoke in the air.

Led dust-proof lamp can save about 84% energy than incandescent lamp, which is very energy-saving.

6. Healthy, green and environmental protection, fresh and natural air, and harmonious natural life.


Professional customized LED fluorescent negative ion air purification lamp has so many powerful functions, which is a rare good product and the development trend of future lamps.



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