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What reason does the flat lamp of manufacturer of T5T8 fluorescent lamp appear flicker to bring about?


If there is flicker, it can be determined from whether the power supply is overheated (the chip may not have good heat dissipation). If the chip has a high temperature, it will enter the protection state if it exceeds this value, and then there will be a flash phenomenon;


Nbsp; & nbsp; if the flat lamp flickers, the power supply capacitance may be poor. If the lamp is turned on for a while, the capacity will drop, resulting in flashing. In addition, the input voltage range of the lamp is small, for example, the input power range is 198v-240v, which will flash when the voltage of the customer's home is too high or too low.


if the flat lamp flickers, you can find out the problem from the power grid and whether there is still a flicker problem. If there is no problem with the power grid at the customer's home, if there is still a flicker problem, it may be a power problem. Then the owner of the building should give the professional technician an analysis to find out the cause, and also give the customer a solution to the flicker problem.

It is packaged with high-quality lamp bead chip, which will not produce stroboscopic, UV damage and attract mosquitoes. The direct sale of fluorescent lamp can achieve real cleanness when used in dust-free workshop.


Led air purification lamp directly sold by fluorescent lamp now covers all over the market, families and companies, with sterilization function, which can save you time of plot lamps. The shell of direct selling fluorescent lamp is very hard and not easy to break. It now appears in office buildings, families, hotels, shopping malls, stations, passenger cars, airports, hospitals, chess and card rooms, entertainment places, etc.

Led purification light body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum material by stretch forming, anodizing and high-end atmospheric grade.

Led clean light light guide plate is customized with reflective film, and the light transmission coefficient can reach more than 85%.

Led purification light thin radiator, using the advantages of aviation aluminum radiator, fast heat dissipation, high heat conduction, to ensure the service life of LED purification light.

Led purification light fine drive power supply, all aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation, fire and leakage prevention.


Led purification light with thin frame, wire drawing effect, aluminum frame moisture-proof and rust proof, pure silver color, high-end and exquisite.



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