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T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers take you to learn about LED purification lamp drivers


In fact, the working temperature is directly related to the life of the LED purification lamp. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the life of the LED purification lamp is. The same is true of the LED purification lamp driver, whose life is determined by the life of the electrolytic capacitor. Through calculation, it can be determined that the service life of the capacitor will be doubled for every 10 ℃ decrease of the working temperature. Therefore, ensuring effective heat management can provide consistent quality, appearance and service life for LED purification lamp array, and t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers can open up further application opportunities for the growing industry.

Nbsp; & nbsp; 1. Luminous efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency is, the more power saving it represents. Generally, it is recommended that the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp [lumen (LM) / wattage (W)] should be higher than 80lm / W, which is in the growth period. The higher the selected value, the less power. Represents the main indicators of LED lamp level.

Nbsp; & nbsp; 2. Color rendering index: the color rendering index reflects the authenticity of the color of the object after being illuminated by light. The current LED light display index standard should be more than 75. It is recommended to choose more than 80. If you have a studio at home, you can choose a bulb with a high display index, so that you can restore the color.


3. Power supply: the heart of LED lamp. Her life is up to her. It's crucial. Isolated power supply - expensive price, high voltage resistance, high PF value, lower efficiency than non isolated. Energy saving is obvious. Non isolated power supply - low price, not resistant to high voltage, high PF value, high efficiency and energy saving

4. Strong applicability, improved adaptability and reliability in all kinds of harsh indoor and outdoor environments

Rich color: it is composed of three primary colors (red, green and blue) display unit box. LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers enable electronic screen to display dynamic images with rich color, high saturation, high resolution and high display frequency

Nbsp; & nbsp; 6. High brightness: ultra high brightness LED is used, which can be seen in a long distance under strong sunlight

Good effect: using non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer and more layered

Strong reliability: higher reliability and stability with static scanning technology and modular design technology

Nbsp; & nbsp; 6. Display mode diversity: support multiple display modes

With the rapid development of electronic industry, more specifically in the application of LED purification lamp, the material technology of t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers must also meet the higher and higher requirements of heat dissipation. The technology is now also being transferred to packaging compounds to provide products with higher packing loads, thereby improving thermal conductivity and liquidity.


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