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T5T8 fluorescent lamp factory briefly explains the rapid development of LED purification lamp


&The energy-saving and environmental protection products of t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers have become new growth highlights. In recent years, driven by the trend of energy conservation and emission reduction in various countries, t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers are more and more favored by the international market. Lamps and lanterns products continue to occupy the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and become the highlight of lamp enterprises.

&Difference of emergency duration of LED purification lamp: the emergency duration of LED purification lamp is how much emergency power can be provided for the LED purification lamp when it is disconnected

&Difference of emergency power of LED purification lamp: emergency power of LED purification lamp, that is to say, the power supply of LED purification lamp can provide illumination brightness for LED purification lamp in case of power failure

&In order to reduce unnecessary expenses and troubles, we can choose the emergency power duration according to the situation of the clean room


&Nbsp; & nbsp; maintenance precautions for LED clean light: please turn off the power before cleaning the LED clean light. Please clean with a dry or dry rag. Do not use chemicals or corrosive substances to clean.

&In addition, the practicability of LED purification lamp should also include durability, that is, it can withstand a certain period of time from the exterior to the interior, as well as convenience. It is to make consumers easy to use, such as convenient loading and unloading, cleaning convenience, convenient operation, etc., and even to create a flowery cavity, create a variety of atmosphere, etc.

&The direct marketing of fluorescent lamps in developed countries has become the main export position of lamps. According to the distribution of the export countries, the fluorescent lamps have been distributed in 112 countries and regions around the world. The European Union and the United States are still the main export markets, of which the export value of the European Union is 69.007 million US dollars, accounting for about 40% of the total export volume, and the export value of the United States is 30.309 million US dollars. The export to emerging market countries also shows a good growth trend.


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