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Fluorescent lamp direct sales will replace the original lamp tube for LED lamp, T5T8 fluorescent lamp manufacturers take you to understand


&As people's living standards are improving, people pay more and more attention to the environment and health, so the green LED flat light is becoming more and more popular. In this era of green and environmental protection, green product l and consumption mode will occupy most of the market. Duosheng lighting manufacturers are also constantly improving their technical level, paying attention to the environmental protection performance of lamps and lanterns, so that people can use truly green and harmless lamps and lanterns, and truly realize the life of low-carbon and environmental protection



&It is only a few years since the series products of LED purification light came out. Since they came out, they have been favored by the majority of users. At present, the proportion of new dust-free workshops is more than 90%, but the previously built dust-free workshops mostly use traditional lighting lamps, which consumes a lot of energy. Many companies consider replacing them with LED purification lights, but the overall cost of replacing LED lamps is compared High, it is not recommended to make overall replacement. It can be considered to use the original lamps and then replace the lighting tubes, and replace the original tubes with LED tubes. Here is an introduction to the replacement methods of LED tubes:


&The original lamp holder is equipped with inductive ballast. If the starter is removed, the original rectifier should be short circuited or removed. The starter must be removed, otherwise the power supply of LED fluorescent lamp will be damaged.


&If electronic rectifier is installed in the original lamp rack, the starter and electronic rectifier must be removed, otherwise the LED fluorescent lamp will not be on.

&In the lighting renovation, due to the high position of fluorescent lamps, we must pay attention to safety during operation. Duosheng lighting recommends two people in a group, one working on the top and one protecting on the ground, so as to prevent accidents, live operation and electric shock.


&Among the components of LED panel lamp of t5t8 fluorescent lamp manufacturer, LED light source, aluminum frame of panel lamp, light guide plate and LED driver account for a large proportion of the cost, while others such as diffusion plate, reflector and labor cost are relatively low.

&What we need to remind is: in order to save trouble and cut corners, some installers have to install the LED fluorescent lamp directly after removing the starter. The LED fluorescent lamp will also be on. It will work under high voltage for a long time. After 3000 hours, the light of the lamp will be seriously declined until it is scrapped. We hope that the majority of installers will

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