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LED fluorescent lamp - oh600-07

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Ventilation/ventilation/lighting/warm air/temperature display (dual-core 40 roller pure occlusion motor)

In fact, LED clean lamp belongs to a kind of LED flat lamp, it and flat lamp big difference lies in the structural installation, take the LED clean lamp as an example, the role of this kind of purification lamp and ordinary flat lamp is the same, but its installation way conforms to the requirements of dust-free workshop, clean place. That's why we call them LED clean lights.

The bead difference affects the cost of the LED purification lamp

LED beads of different qualities vary greatly in price, as do beads of different models. Affect the LED lamp bead size, cost and quality are wafer scaffold material, resin, etc., quality manufacturers in order to pursue cheap, use very poor quality lamp bead, the lights will appear droop speed, even to death the phenomenon of light, use a few months to the toilet, such products long life than incandescent bulbs.

The drive power affects the cost of the LED purification lamp

The structure of LED purification lamp is not only visual effect, and LED purification lamp used in dust-free workshop, the structure of the lamp closed and edges and corners have special requirements, so, the production, processing, assembly process requirements are very high, the appearance of different, the cost is also different; Different material structure price difference is huge, even the same material structure price also differs a lot. For example, the plastic structure is completely unable to compare with the metal structure. The same material structure, public and private mold price and a lot of difference. Material quality also affects the heat dissipation of products, more related to the safety of users.

Of course, the professional custom LED fluorescent lamp in this to highlight: said that the LED clean lamp does not have the role of clean air, is not negating the lamp can purify the air!! Purify lamp factory sells on market at present partial functional lamps and lanterns can produce anion really when working. Appropriate anion can make the air become fresh, clean and can sterilize, disinfection.


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