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Direct fluorescent lamp guide plate thickness, uniformity, light rate these parameters determine the price of LED fluorescent lamp


&In principle, the lighting wiring of dust-free workshop is the same as all kinds of electrical circuits and professional pipes. It needs to be designed and installed according to the national standards, but according to the particularity of dust-free workshop, the principle of "concealment" must be followed. Clean room installation different air distribution form is different, its decoration structure is also different. Non unidirectional flow clean room, generally without technical mezzanine, but with ceiling and return air column; vertical unidirectional flow clean room, with upper and lower technical mezzanine, upper technical mezzanine is air supply plenum, circulating air treatment device, high-efficiency filter, part of power, lighting and communication pipelines are also laid here; lower technical mezzanine is return air plenum (return air duct), generally laying water pipe, gas Pipelines, electrical pipelines, cable bridges, enclosed buses, etc.; adjacent to the clean room, there are technical chutes or technical shafts, laying vertical pipelines or placing auxiliary production equipment that should not be placed in the purification project.

&The lighting distribution box in the dust-free workshop is often located in the technical interlayer or technical gallery above the ceiling, so it is easy to approach the load center, the horizontal wiring is short and stretched out in concealment.


&The light guide plate, one of the main parts in the LED dust-proof lamp, has very important effect. Many manufacturers in the market claim to use the light guide plate imported from Japan. In fact, none of the light guide plates of the LED panel lamp sold in the domestic market currently uses the light guide plate produced in Japan, which is neither realistic nor necessary. However, if the quality of the light guide plate is poor, it will lead to uneven light emission, large light loss, poor light efficiency and other adverse consequences. At present, acrylic carving light guide plate and silk screen light guide plate produced in Shanghai and Guangdong are mostly used in China, and the cost of carving light guide plate is slightly higher than that of silk screen light guide plate. The thickness, uniformity and emissivity of the light guide plate determine the price of the light guide plate.

&In the dust-free workshop with ceiling only, the pipelines in the LED dust-proof lamp ceiling are complex. Pay attention to keep away from the explosive gas pipelines or take relevant measures when laying the electrical pipelines. The lighting distribution boxes and switches that must be installed in the dust-free workshop should be concealed as far as possible, and the wires and cables passing through the ceiling must be sealed to prevent dust and bacteria in the ceiling Enter the dust-free workshop.


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